“I’m going to help you win the weight-loss battle once and for all!”
It’s not a diet. It’s a mindful eating.
The 2B Mindset can help you lose weight — happily — without feeling deprived or hungry, without exercising, without counting calories, or cutting out whole food groups.   Yes, you read that right!   Carbs are allowed, wine is allowed, dessert is allowed!  Nothing is off limits!
The 2B Mindset addresses the number one issue with weight loss and weight management — food. Exercise is critical for living a healthy, functional life, but as they say, abs are made in the kitchen — and that’s the problem Ilana designed the 2B Mindset to solve.  She has lost over 100 pounds with this program and knows what it’s like to lose weight and keep it off!

She said, “I’m starting to find my triggers, which meals keep me most satisfied and the importance of sleep.

This “water first and veggies most” thing is already helping so many people! Thousands have already seen success after just one week.

No, the scale does not define you. The scale doesn’t know you; your strength, your mindset, your heart and soul. The scale is a tool that provides information. It will tell you which foods work for you and which foodsdon’t….and that is power.

Such an incredible feeling to now be able to empower people with this new tool….for those who are fearful of the scale, those who’ve tried other methods but can’t lose weight or those who do great for awhile and then fall off track, or those who, like me, struggle with emotional eating.


No more Monday morning regret.
No more worrying about eating “off plan”.
No more feeling like I cheated after enjoying a treat.
I’m finally FREE of all the guilt!

This mindset shift nutrition program is changing my world….completely freeing me and ALL the others joining me on this journey, to feel free of guilt and to feel like we can finally JUST LIVE!

No diets, no counting calories, no pills, no restrictions…. this is ALL ABOUT THE MINDSET!

Want to see more about what you get? Watch this video for details:

Fitness hasn’t always been my thing but over the last 7 years it’s become a habit.  Nutrition on the other hand as been an up and down battle.  I’ve found whenever I try to stick to any sort of “rules” I first feel like I better eat and drink everything I love in the house the night before I start…BINGE on it all…wine, dessert, carbs…let me eat it all before I’m not allowed the next day…have you been there?   Then I can stick to the rules for a while, see results, and then I’m DONE and eat it all again out of anger and tell myself how ridiculous those rules are and I need to LIVE!  =)   That’s not healthy.  That’s not sustainable.  I don’t need that cycle of guilt in my life!
Can you relate?  Or maybe you’re good all week, go for it all on the weekends?  Good all day, but watch out at night?  Are you SICK AND TIRED of yo yo diets or trying the latest fad?  ME TOO!!!   If found when I try to limit or completely restrict myself from a certain food it’s all I can think about and truly it doesn’t make me happy so I often choose fitness over nutrition…until now!
I feel like this program is going to allow us all FOOD FREEDOM and a sense of empowerment.  My friends who were in the test group got AMAZING results and they’ve tried everything from weight watchers, keto diet, our container system, if it fits your macros, interment fasting, etc…said they feel so free because there’s no planing/prepping, calorie counting, measuring/weighting food, or point counting, just taking the steering wheel with a healthy mindset and balance in life!  FREEDOM!!!!!!
With this program, fitness is NOT required but is considered a bonus and encouraged so if you’re doing Beachbody home workouts, Crossfit, Orange Theory, 9Round, running, etc. that’s great and keep going girlfriend, but for those of you just getting started, worry about the fitness later.  Yup, that’s right, you can lose weight without sweating it out and dealing with a food approved list!
Listen to fellow Coach Leah, who was a part of the text group and did a training for us coaches…if you want to watch it until about the 19 minute mark you’ll hear all about her journey!

Want to see more about what you get? Watch this video for details:

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