In 2014 she taught me the easy way to count macros.

In 2016 she let me test her new program before it was released {even though I was a huge skeptic}

In 2018 she is lead me through her most current project, taking it to a whole new level.

Autumn Calabrese has partnered with The Today Show to keep us fit & healthy throughout the summer! The producers at the Today Show caught on to the popularity of this program I’ve been doing and wanted to help thousands change their lives this summer!

And now YOU have the opportunity to join the private group along with me, Autumn, Kathie Lee and Hoda! 💪🏼 The Today Show will be featuring progress photos from the group participants (with permission of course) as well as participating in discussions 😲 If you want to join us, contact me ASAP and I will get you in!

You get:

🍑 80 unique workouts to sculpt your core, booty and legs

🥤 vitamin supersmoothie or pre/post performance drinks

🍽 easy, timed nutrition plan

👥 support & fun in the group

confidence & energy to carry you through summer and beyond


That’s 80 Different workouts to keep our bodies challenged and our minds engaged.  No plateaus. No getting bored.  My favorite supersmoothie will help curb your cravings, give you energy, aid in weight loss and boost your immune system!  For the optimal experience you’ll want my favorite go juice (pre-workout) and recover (post-workout) to help with muscle repair and soreness.  The timed nutrition plan takes out all the guess work of what to eat when…while still choosing which foods you eat.  You’ll get the workouts, tools and meal plans at your fingertips, access anywhere anytime PLUS our group for support!Don’t worry, I’ll be right there with you to guide you through it. All you have to do is be ready for change. I’ll be right here with you – helping and guiding you everyday. There’s no better time than TODAY!

My 80 Day Results

Here’s a peek at the program:

The system works, you just have to do the work!  Let me help you, like I helped Crystal:

and Kim

“My body is literally the best it has very been in years. I feel amazing, I have more energy and discipline in my life!”Kim Lost 15 lbs and 6 inches!


This is for those who are ready to push aside the excuses, invest in themselves and get serious about discovering what they can accomplish. You in?

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