Month: February 2020

Remember when you said, “when I have more time” ?

Remember when you said, “when I have more time” ? Good News ✨ Today is that day! It’s February 29th. That means you have an extra 24 hours. That’s 1 more day than you had last year. 💥 Take advantage of this leap year day and spend some time on YOU. Don’t have a plan? Don’t know where to […]

Thankful Thursday

I am finding the joy in everything ✨it’s one of the affirmations I write in my journal daily. Ever since starting this morning practice, I’ve found it’s easier to see life’s blessing. Today was a reminder to celebrate the small stuff….like putting the last piece in the puzzle. There was joy in his heart {and […]

I am Fulfilled

Each morning I pull a card. It gives me a positive thought and a focus for the day. Some days I see right away that it’s exactly what I need. Other days it’s a gentle reminder. ✨ Today “I am Fulfilled” is a reminder to focus on my blessings. Today I’m thankful for the opportunity […]

We’re all Busy

Yesterday was non-stop: Not my norm at all but that’s ok. I was organized and since I planned ahead it all worked out. Today was a slow start ✨ my fave ✨ and then I got a late call to sub today {after my workout 🙌 so perfect timing really}. I planned last night – […]

Better Together Blitz

About last night. ✨ Time spent with some of my favorite people. Most of the time we connect on line, so when we get together in person I soak up every minute of it; celebrating progress by sharing transformation photos and just being around these girls and the good vibes feeds my soul! The workouts […]

So yeah, anyone can do this.

Headed back to Punta Cana, one month from today and this time I’m taking my parents. Out of the 6 trips I’ve earned, Punta Cana is by far my most favorite destination. ☀️🌴🍹 Stepping off the plane when we went in 2017, I was a bit nervous about the trip. The grass roof on the […]

Thankful Thursday

Brian and I were out for a walk on one of the nice days we had back in January and I randomly said, “I think I want to apply to be a substitute para.” It seemed to align well with my word of the year, Serve. My focus this year is to be of more […]

Better Together Blitz in Omaha on February 24th

You hear me talk about my Tribe all the time ♥️ because they are THE BEST! They Are what keep me going! When I’m needing a kick in the pants, they are there for me. My fit fam showing up each day for themselves motivates me to do the same. Once I finally got over […]

You are Not a Number

Woke up excited for a new day, Proud of myself for all the positive choices I’ve made in the last few days, And then I got on the scale to find that I had gained a pound. I snapped a photo and realized I have a lot to celebrate! Before I started this journey I […]

The 3 things that got me through that cardio

Cardio after 5pm is basically unheard of in my routine but 3 things got me through. #1 Music – specifically Sirius xM Fly Channel 47 #2 – dancing to said music #3 – the feeling afterwards 🙌 See end of video for celebration dance. 🤪 Motivation doesn’t just happen, it is created. Find what motivates […]