So yeah, anyone can do this.

Headed back to Punta Cana, one month from today and this time I’m taking my parents.

Out of the 6 trips I’ve earned, Punta Cana is by far my most favorite destination. ☀️🌴🍹 Stepping off the plane when we went in 2017, I was a bit nervous about the trip. The grass roof on the airport terminal really made me feel unsure but also excited for the exotic-ness of it all. It really was a neat experience and can’t wait to share it with my parents.

There’s no way I repay my parents for all the guidance, lessons taught and all the physical hours they’ve spent helping me. They are truly deserving of so much more than a 5 day tropical vacation but I know it’s not something they would do on there own. They are hard working and rarely treat themselves, so it feels so good to be able to give them this opportunity to relax and experience another country!

This trip didn’t just happen, it wasn’t just give it to me, it was earned. All it really took was a commitment and consistency to myself & my own health journey and to paying it forward by helping people with their own health.

So yeah, anyone can do this. Why not you?

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