You are Not a Number

Woke up excited for a new day, Proud of myself for all the positive choices I’ve made in the last few days, And then I got on the scale to find that I had gained a pound. I snapped a photo and realized I have a lot to celebrate!

Before I started this journey I would have gone straight into self sabotage mode but I’m in a better place now. When I’m struggling, I check in with my Tribe for motivation. Seeing the girls in our group push through their challenges gives me the courage to do the same.

You are not the number on the scale.

You are not defined by how many push-ups you can do or how fast you can run.

Tell yourself nasty things like you’re fat, ugly and stupid & that becomes your truth, even though those are lies you choose to believe.

Tell yourself you are strong, beautiful and powerful & that becomes your reality, even when you don’t fully believe it.

What you focus on grows.
Choose positive self-talk.

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