Thankful Thursday

Brian and I were out for a walk on one of the nice days we had back in January and I randomly said, “I think I want to apply to be a substitute para.” It seemed to align well with my word of the year, Serve. My focus this year is to be of more service to my community, my clients and my family.


Today was my 8th time subbing as a para educator in our school district. I have now spent some time in each of the 4 buildings. So far the Life Skills departments at the Middle School and High School have been my favorites.

Going into this position I thought about the sacrifice of time away from home, my business and my normal routine but I didn’t focus on the emotional deposit I’d get in return.

Seeing the students interact, seeing progress made (even during the my short time with the students) their smiles, has brought me so much joy!

#ThankfulThursday -> the opportunity to spend time with some great kids!

What are you thankful for today?

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