Exhausted, crabby and bloated -> that’s how I used to feel when I got home from a day of shopping.

All the walking made me so tired! Even when I was a waitress, used to walking, I would still come home tired. 🤷‍♀️ It must have been the additional weight of the shopping bags.

Crabby after beating myself up for not fitting into certain sizes or styles -> loving my body as it is and realizing that being a different shape than the item I tried on doesn’t mean I’m any less beautiful.


Bloated after “treating” myself to Chinese food in the food court {or some fast food} P L U S that grande Carmel Frappuccino in the afternoon -> realizing those food choices were not a treat to my body. Those “treats” made me lethargic and bloated. Today I actually brought my own food too, so not only am I saving my digestive system, mood and energy but I’m also saving money!!!

Here’s me, saying it again: you can’t JUST workout. Nutrition is what makes the biggest impact on your health. It can be overwhelming for sure but with the right knowledge and tools, it’s actually really simple.

After coming home from my big shopping day with energy I worked on the plans for our online boot camp. March is National Nutrition Month. The perfect time to implement some new healthy habits! Start simple. Track your food and choose one healthy change to make. If you need some help, just let me know! #heretohelp

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