Coronavirus Fear

Live in fear and be trapped or live being aware and take action accordingly.

We fly to Punta Cana in – E L E V E N – days!!! ☀️ 🍹 👙 🌴 As long as my flight doesn’t get cancelled, I’m going!

The latest numbers: “The novel coronavirus has infected more than 108,000 people around the world and killed more than 3,800, according to CNN’s tally. Of the 80,000 confirmed coronavirus cases reported in China, “more than 70% have recovered and been discharged,” according to the World Health Organization.” Source: CNN website.

Two schools in our area have closed this week as a precautionary measure due to our states first confirmed case of Coronavirus.

Those are facts and while they may make some nervous, I’m taking the information and being proactive.

Yes, I will take health precautions – wash my hands, get proper sleep, feed my body good actual good and feed my mind positive thoughts.

I will not live in fear of what might be and miss out on life by not living today.

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