First day subbing as a Paraeducator

Hello Monday.
I’m Anxious.

It was one of those nights where you wake up, heart raising, thinking you over slept. Check the clock and it’s only 12:47am. Now awake, you overthink things. Then do it all again a few hours later. Wake up heart raising, clock check -> 1:13am.

Today is my first day subbing as a para in our school district. My word for 2020 being serve, I decided a few weeks ago that applying for this position would serve my community, my family and myself. I’m looking forward to connecting with and helping the students and teachers in our community. Getting out of the house a few days a week will be all around good for me.

Thankfully this opportunity still allows me to help my Tribe with their wellness goals. Our February virtual bootcamp starts next Monday and I have 3 discount codes to share. -> Access to all the tools we use plus the daily affirmation cards you see me share in my story every morning and some free limited edition treats. It’s while supplies last though, so no guarantees there will be any left if you wait to message me until tomorrow.

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