Flash Sale

oh technology can be a real pain sometimes!

I love being able to link my phone and computer. It makes things so much easier to transfer documents and photos, etc.

And I LOVE connecting on Social Media! Catching up with old friends and making new ones.

For the most part, Facebook has been a great tool for me to stay connected with people. It’s also been the platform I’ve used for nearly 10 years to share my story.

The last few days I’ve been spending a ton of time on the flash sale group I’ve been putting together for my team and I to share some of our favorite wellness tools. It was a ton of work but I LOVE it…until this morning when I ran into some major issues.

I was getting super frustrated 😠 and my family could even tell I needed a break. So I walked down to my basement, drank my Go Juice and sweat it out.

30 minutes to take my mind off my frustrations, to burn off the crazy, to sweat out the toxins and get those feel good endorphins. THAT is why I move my body daily and why I’m going to keep showing up here all sweaty and happy, sharing my story.

Because it’s more than just workouts, weight loss and salads.

It’s the confidence from accomplishing the tough stuff.

It’s the feeling of empowerment from taking control of my emotions and my life.

It’s about how taking time for me, makes every area of my life better.

Are you ready to make a change to feel better from the inside out?

* Wellness packs with big savings $$$
* F r e e gift with every o r d e r
* F r e e Pumpkin Spice on some o r d e r s
* 1 0 off c o u p o n on qualifying packs
* 2 drawings for a 2 5 g i f t c a r d

Plus free support of me as your coach and our online tribe.

And everything comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

What more can I offer?

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