I am Not a Reader

Pretty sure I only read one book from the time I was 10 yrs old until I was 32.  “I’m just not a reader”, I would say. “I just don’t have time to read” or “I have better things to do”.

Reality is I just didn’t think I needed to.  But I had it all wrong. It’s not about fixing yourself, it’s about making yourself better.

This working from home gig has reading personal growth books/podcasts/webinars right in the business plan. Lucky for me I can learn the skills I need to get the job done. Without this vital part of my day I would be crippled with fear and self doubt.

The cool thing is, this time spent growing myself makes me a better listener, a better spouse, a better friend, a better leader, a better parent, a better person….every area of my life gets better the more I work on me. Take time for you. #CoachLife #SelfCare

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