I have an Office, but….

Yes, I do have an office but most of the time I’m standing in the kitchen, sitting on the couch or the floor 🤪 It’s just how I am!

Putting together these little welcome packs for my friends committing to Feel Good February with me and getting our group all set up with all the information and motivation doesn’t feel like work. Helping them is fun and gets me excited about sticking to my goals.

This is what I love about coaching! I “work” from wherever I land, set people up with the tools to get them started and KEEP THEM GOING with a healthy lifestyle….and doing the same for myself! #winwin

Prep work starts tomorrow. There’s still time to join us. Tools we use at a discount plus an extra gift from me.

My inbox is open and I’m ready to help you get going! I meet you where you’re at, we set realistic goals and a plan to make it happen! Just send me a message and we can chat! imnikki@gmail.com

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