No Perfect Time

Isabelle waking up with a fever this morning means another day off my normal routine 😫 but that’s not stopping me.

Many times people will tell me they are “too busy” or have to wait until XYZ because of 123 🤪 Life happens! There is no perfect time to…well, for anything!

No perfect time to buy a house or have a baby or start a business or take that leap of faith. You’ll always find a reason to not start something if you let fear get in the way.

It’s always the right time to start feeling better. You always have the time to take care of yourself. And because the tools I use are sustainable and realistic for busy people – I’ve been able to stay on track yesterday (subbing as a Para for the first time) and today (taking care of a sick one).

Because I’m not on a wacky restrictive diet, I actually LOST WEIGHT yesterday when I was out of routine and on a recovery day no less! #foodmatters

Because I follow a fitness program at home I was still able to do my workout this morning, pause when Isabelle needed me and even workout WHILE ON HOLD with the Doctor’s office.

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