Not a Morning Person

Wake up with JUST enough time to get myself together and be where I need to be, that used to be my morning routine. Most of the time a little late, stressed, unorganized and annoyed with myself for not getting up earlier!

I used to set my alarm for the last minute possible. I was always so tired. Now I realize I was just exhausted – physically, mentally and emotionally. I was not filling my cup. I was going through the motions of life. I was living to get by, not living to LIVE life.

I thought I had to give all my time and energy to my family. I thought to be the best mom and wife I had to always put their needs before my own. I thought by doing for them I was showing love. I thought if I could just do more but it was never enough….not because they said so, but because I felt that way.

I wasn’t fulfilled.
All I ever wanted to be was a Mom and Wife. I thought that’s all I needed but it turns out, I needed something all for me. And for some reason, I turned to fitness. It was (and still is!) my me time. Empowered, accomplished and confident. The weight lost and strength gained were the added bonus.

Listen, you don’t have to do crazy intense workouts. You don’t have to do any workouts. I just want you to find a way to practice self love. Find a way to fill your cup. You matter. Taking care of you maters. In order to give your best to those you love the most you have to put yourself first for a little bit…and that’s ok. You deserve it and you are worth investing in yourself.

If you’re needing the tools and community to help you practice this self love, I’m just a message away….and now is the BEST time to start! My team and I are hosting a 2 day flash sale this weekend! Big discounts on all our favorite wellness packs plus gift card drawings and a personal gift with each order.

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