Not everyone likes veggies.

Growing up on a Pig Farm we ate a good amount of pork chops. I remember sitting at the table, for what seemed like FOREVER, finishing my plate at suppertime.

At the time I thought I just didn’t care much for pork chops. Then a few years ago, I stopped eating meat for a few weeks and found I didn’t miss it at all. After a few days without, meat didn’t even look appealing anymore. *Note* I am often reminded by my dad and brothers that Nebraska is the beef state and I’m “missing out” by not eating meat.

Not everyone likes veggies.
Not everyone like meat {or meatless} 😊balls.

Since making the switch to eating a veggie heavy meal plan, I’ve had to work through eating out of the norm. I’m finally at a place where other people’s opinions don’t effect me.

Call it eating for your blood type, intuitively eating or plain eating the foods you like – explore what your body needs and do that, without fear or judgement of what others think, say or eat themselves.

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