Simple and Sustainable

When I was pregnant with Isabelle I had a bowl of lucky charms before bed most every night.

I remember eating Runza French fries and telling Brian once the baby was born we were going to eat healthy.

Until she was about 4 years old it was mostly out of the box, frozen meals and fast foods 🤦‍♀️ As a family we slowly started to implement more veggies and less processed foods.

We aren’t perfect but we don’t keep pop and ice cream in the house anymore.

Grabbing an apple and peanut butter after school has become a habit for Isabelle now. She asks me to make her a superfoods smoothie bowl every night.

We absolutely still have cookies, ice cream, French fries, etc on occasion but when you don’t keep those things in the house you eat them less and then eventually crave them less 🙌 Slow and simple adjustments that you can sustain.

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