Coronavirus Fear

Live in fear and be trapped or live being aware and take action accordingly. We fly to Punta Cana in – E L E V E N – days!!! ☀️ 🍹 👙 🌴 As long as my flight doesn’t get cancelled, I’m going! The latest numbers: “The novel coronavirus has infected more than 108,000 people […]

Celebrating International Women’s Day

She made a playlist just for the car ride…..which turned into Carpool Karaoke and an hour of laughing. She said I have to listen to the Lumineers on repeat until we go their concert on Saturday because I don’t know all the words like she does. Oh baby girl, I hope you continue to sing […]

Sample new Boxing Program

Got my tax paper together today and then celebrated by trying a sneak peek workout of the new shadow boxing program coming out soon. 🥊 Boxing/fighting style workouts are not my fave but this program is a mix of boxing + weight training. I can handle that! It’s funny because I actually really like watching […]

Girl Dad

All the feels ✨ When these two plan something to do together; go to the gym to play basketball or a walk to go Poké hunting or to a movie or out to eat – I just melt! 💕 Not a single day goes by without me thanking God for these two. Today they’re off […]

That feeling of overwhelm

That feeling of overwhelm to the point where you want to just do nothing at all. I’m in that place right now. So many ideas & opportunities and I want to do them all! Couple my new found love subbing as a Para, wanting to start a podcast, keeping up my business, working on a […]

Not everyone likes veggies.

Growing up on a Pig Farm we ate a good amount of pork chops. I remember sitting at the table, for what seemed like FOREVER, finishing my plate at suppertime. At the time I thought I just didn’t care much for pork chops. Then a few years ago, I stopped eating meat for a few […]

Exhausted, crabby and bloated -> that’s how I used to feel when I got home from a day of shopping. All the walking made me so tired! Even when I was a waitress, used to walking, I would still come home tired. 🤷‍♀️ It must have been the additional weight of the shopping bags. Crabby […]

It’s Nutrition that matters Most

It’s not the workouts, it’s the nutrition that matters most. Now don’t be confused, that feeling of accomplishment after a good workout or even just doing better than your last workout, is the best feeling!!! And obviously toning your body takes exercise. What really makes the biggest difference in your mood, your energy, your skin, […]

Waking up with just a few minutes to spare

Waking up with just a few minutes to spare -> waking up 15 minutes before my early morning alarm. It doesn’t happen everyday but today I was excited to have my alone time, eat my breakfast, do my workout and see my friends in the Life Skills classroom…plus this weather ☀️ Find what makes you […]