Better Together Blitz in Omaha on February 24th

You hear me talk about my Tribe all the time ♥️ because they are THE BEST! They Are what keep me going! When I’m needing a kick in the pants, they are there for me. My fit fam showing up each day for themselves motivates me to do the same. Once I finally got over […]

You are Not a Number

Woke up excited for a new day, Proud of myself for all the positive choices I’ve made in the last few days, And then I got on the scale to find that I had gained a pound. I snapped a photo and realized I have a lot to celebrate! Before I started this journey I […]

The 3 things that got me through that cardio

Cardio after 5pm is basically unheard of in my routine but 3 things got me through. #1 Music – specifically Sirius xM Fly Channel 47 #2 – dancing to said music #3 – the feeling afterwards 🙌 See end of video for celebration dance. 🤪 Motivation doesn’t just happen, it is created. Find what motivates […]

One Simple way to improve your health

Water Wednesday 💦 drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your body! It makes basically all of your systems work better, Especially your brain! Some people say they can’t function in the morning without their coffee. I think the same is true of water. If you are feeling sluggish, like […]

Simple and Sustainable

When I was pregnant with Isabelle I had a bowl of lucky charms before bed most every night. I remember eating Runza French fries and telling Brian once the baby was born we were going to eat healthy. Until she was about 4 years old it was mostly out of the box, frozen meals and […]

Subbing + my online Biz

Half a day subbing and the other half of the day wearing my entrepreneur hat. Sending out thank you gifts to the girls who joined my February virtual Bootcamp. Loving this mix of helping out at school and still working my business…..much of which was built by making new friends online.

My Happiness is up to Me

Always Tired. Chronic Headaches. Hiding behind others in group photos. Embarrassed to go out in public. Fear of being judge. Depressed. Now, waking up before my 4am alarm and coming home at 4pm full of energy. Stress induced headaches happen but rarely. Confidence in check I’m proud of my reflection. My introvert self is excited […]

The Day is what you Make of it

the day is what you make of it.✨ Tell yourself Monday’s suck, that you’re tired, that you’re going to have an awful day – that’s what you’ll get! So crank up that 90’s Hip Hop or take that zen moment to get it together. Whatever works for you. Just Decide to make today a good […]

Scarf probs

Turns out I actually do own more than just yoga pants and hoodies 🤷‍♀️ who knew!?! 🤪 This subbing for Paras means I have to be prepared for that 6am text. Which is totally fine with me, because I am the planning type. However, I’m not so much the scarf expert type. I always feel […]

I have an Office, but….

Yes, I do have an office but most of the time I’m standing in the kitchen, sitting on the couch or the floor 🤪 It’s just how I am! Putting together these little welcome packs for my friends committing to Feel Good February with me and getting our group all set up with all the information and […]