Healthy Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday Survival Guide 1. Eat slowly. Savor the flavor and enjoy conversations! Setting down your fork or spoon between bites is an easy way to eat more slowly, giving you time to reach that full feeling on less food. 2. Be Present. It’s easy to feel stressed during the holidays. Focus on the real reason […]

More Than a Mom

In school I remember a teacher asking us to draw a picture of what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I told her I wanted to be a mom and she said I needed to pick something else. 🤔 I was always upset by that, thinking that was my dream – why do […]

Lifting Myths

   What is LIIFT4? Build lean muscle and burn fat in just 4 days a week with Super Trainer, Joel Freeman’s newest no-nonsense workout program. You’ll lift. You’ll HIIT. You’ll build. You’ll burn. And then you’ll rest with three strategically scheduled recovery days.   “My arms are chiseled and firm – great muscle mass […]

Day 4/80

Initially there was some kick back from those in our 80 day group with this timed nutrition thing. Turns out it’s super easy to follow; all it takes is some planning and organization….which we all need in our life anyway! It’s awesome to see how this professional plan is doable for everyone; busy moms, night […]

I am Not a Reader

Pretty sure I only read one book from the time I was 10 yrs old until I was 32.  “I’m just not a reader”, I would say. “I just don’t have time to read” or “I have better things to do”. Reality is I just didn’t think I needed to.  But I had it all […]

Day 1 of 80

So many emotions right now. excited nervous embarrassed scared determined fearful motivated Sharing is not always easy, neither is facing my reality. Reminding myself that I am enough in my current state and at my current weight. Loving myself enough to do what it takes to get my confidence back. #iamenough   Day 1/80

Abs Like Ali

In 2014 she taught me the easy way to count macros. In 2016 she let me test her new program before it was released {even though I was a huge skeptic} In 2018 she is leading me through her next project, taking it to a whole new level…only this time she’s allowing in more than […]

Choose Happy

“Unhappiness is not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it”—Don Herold Choose Happy is one of my daily affirmations. Initially I chose it because some times I need that gentle reminder that I am in control of my feelings. More recently it’s become my reminder to choose to do the things that […]